Sage-Université de Strasbourg

Set up in 1992, CRESS is a multidisciplinary research team at the University of Strasbourg that brings together researchers in the humanities and social sciences (demographers, ethnologists, sociologists, specialists in the science and technology of sport and physical activity), and statisticians.

In 2012, the CRESS research team comprised:

  • 25 tenured researchers with university teaching responsibilities,
  • Around 50 doctoral students,
  • Numerous associate researchers (academics and professionals).

Its offers several Master’s degrees combining both research-oriented and professional training courses (demography, ethnology, sociology, urban studies and town planning).
To develop a consistent approach, CRESS has defined its central research focus as the study of rationales and dynamics that structure social change in a variety of contexts, the urban environment in particular. This involves applying the concepts and methods of urban and environmental sociology, in association with those of urban studies, social anthropology, demography and the sociology of work.

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